October 24, 2023



Is this the Business Strategy Framework session
for you? Join Us in Oregon!

ESA-centric Business Strategy Framework presented by AESA business experts. In this format, the presenters rely on several real-life ESA examples to illustrate concepts This workshop also incorporates hands-on work with real-team projects to enhance the learning experience.


Location: Willamette Education Service District, 2611 Pringle Rd, Salem, Oregon



  • Thursday, December 14  |  8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Friday, December 15  |  8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Comprehensive Mental Health Support for Student and Staff Well-being

Dear AESA Members,


At E-Therapy, we're committed to the holistic mental health and well-being for the whole school community. Our specialized services address both immediate and long-term therapy needs.


Mental Health Services:

  • Intervention Therapy: Recognizing challenges early paves the way for overall educational success for all members of our communities. Our Solution Focused Brief Therapy is designed to provide immediate support, helping to reduce pressing concerns that interfere with our well-being.
  • Extended Therapy Services: For students and staff who need more sustained support, our extended therapy services offer a deeper dive. We're here for the long haul, ensuring every student and staff member has a strong foundation for emotional, academic, and personal success.


IEP-Related Services:

Tailored to each student's unique needs, our Individualized Education Plan (IEP) services ensure that students receive the dedicated support they deserve. Through a blend of expert care and our proprietary platform, we're bridging service gaps and making a difference for students in need.

Guidance and counseling play a pivotal role in our approach. By understanding the core challenges students and staff face, we're better equipped to offer solutions that truly address the important needs at hand. Whether it's navigating academic pressures or personal challenges, our team is trained to guide students and staff toward brighter futures.


Speak to Sam Elizondo, VP of Sales to learn more in how E-Therapy can help your school with IEP and mental health services.   

Supporting schools in nurturing resilient and thriving students. 


Your Donations will Support Research, Innovation, and Leadership!

The AESA Foundation will once again be conducting both a Silent and Live Auction at the AESA Annual Conference in Anaheim. The silent auction will begin when the Exhibit Hall opens on Wednesday afternoon, November 29, and will conclude with the live auction being held at the Member Reception late Thursday afternoon, November 30.


The AESA Foundation hopes you will consider providing an item(s) for either the silent or live auctions.  To learn more about how to donate, please read this invitation from Foundation Chair Jerry Maze.


Annual Conference Update

Did you know? On Friday, Your Team Can Be a Part of the Disney Institute!

The Disney Institute - Friday, December 1, 2023 

"Disney's Approach to Quality Service"

Discover why delivering exceptional customer service is all about the details - nothing is left to chance. It is the result of deeply understanding customers’ expectations and putting the right guidelines in place so our cast members (employees) can focus on servicing our guests. When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place, and processes around a singular purpose, exceptional service becomes possible across all customer touchpoints.


Don't miss the magic!


National News, Trends, and Issues

SETDA Releases Cybersecurity Resource for Rural Districts
SETDA (State EdTech Directors Association) released a cybersecurity resource focused on small, rural, and under-resourced districts, developed by SETDA's Cybersecurity & Privacy Collaborative. The resource is intended to identify essential resources, assess state-level K-12 cybersecurity advocacy initiatives, and craft policy recommendations to enhance cybersecurity readiness within these districts.


The publication, titled Small Districts, Big Hurdles: Cybersecurity Support for Small, Rural, and Under-resourced Districts, offers details on how state agencies and other support organizations are empowering their smallest districts to secure their data and networks. From detailing various funding sources to providing insights into statewide and regional partnerships and offering practical examples of cybersecurity training, the document is a must-read for everyone involved in helping districts improve their cybersecurity posture. It is the newest addition to SETDA's Cybersecurity & Privacy Collection, available for access in their OER Commons site.


With More Teachers & Fewer Students, Districts Are Set up for Financial Trouble

This article explores the potentially problematic fiscal connection between enrollment and staffing, including an interactive map that AESA members can use to explore the trend lines in their regions (depending on the availability of district data to the reporters). (For more on this topic, see this recent, related article.)


High 2021-22 Chronic Absenteeism Levels Persisted Last School Year

K-12 Dive presents data from Attendance Works which highlights the drastic increase in chronic absenteeism since 2017-2018 as 6.5 million more students missed 10% or more school days in 2021-22, however preliminary data in 11 states including Virginia, Nevada, and Colorado show a decline of 2% in chronic absenteeism rates for 2022-23. Click this link to read Attendance Works full analysis.


Educational Opportunity and Access Pediatric Care are More Intertwined than You Might Think  

This report from the Brookings Institute examines how the lack of access to pediatric care directly impacts the early achievement of students of color and rural students, highlighting the discrepancies in early test scores between districts with varying availability of pediatric physicians. 


By The Numbers: 900,000 Fewer Babies Born in US than 5 years ago

This article from K-12 Dive explores results from a recent “ State of Babies Yearbook” report, including the trend of declining birth rates in the U.S. and the implications for K-12 school operations and funding received by districts.


What are you reading?


The AESA Reading Leader Book Club is reading 

Shark Heart by Emily Habeck.


Join the discussion on November 16! 


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