AESA Online News October 3, 2023

October 3, 2023


Just Released:
the AESA State Examiner

AESA announces new resource

The State Examiner is a new resource for AESA members. This monthly report will be sent to your inbox with curated information that provides state-level  legislative monitoring, news articles, and related content gathered from our 50 states.


The purpose the State Examiner is to ensure members are aware of the latest state-level education legislative policy, funding issues and trends, and state-level news that are impacting educational service agencies, their client schools, and districts.


Each report also includes advocacy tips to activate and empower our members to be informed, effective education advocates.


In case you missed it in your inbox, here is September's edition.


ESA Spotlight

Education Service Agencies (ESAs) and Health Services in a Post-COVID World:
A Summary

Education Service Agencies (ESAs) are innovating Health and Wellness Services in response to the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and youth, such as decreased physical activity and increased anxiety. Leveraging the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which included a $2 billion grant focusing on school-based health programs, ESAs have administered millions of vaccine doses and augmented health and wellness staff, especially in nursing, to support strained rural districts.


The role of school nurses has evolved to emphasize education, community outreach, and administrative tasks. ESAs are also embracing telehealth initiatives to enhance students' access to healthcare services, particularly in underfunded areas, amidst the significant decline in nursing professionals. The burgeoning telehealth initiative showcases potential for positive, cohesive outcomes, emphasizing adaptability in youth healthcare services. For more insights, 


Small Staff Community of Practice

Let's Learn Together!

NEXT WORKSHOP: Thursday, October 19  |  2 PM EST

Elevating Service Excellence: Harnessing Feedback and Data for Enhanced Customer Experiences presented by Dr. Cindy Yelick, Chief Administrator, Heartland AEA, Iowa


Join us as Heartland AEA leadership shares the art of delivering outstanding customer experiences through the strategic utilization of feedback and data. Learn about their comprehensive approach to collecting and applying data from member districts, aimed at aligning services to specific needs, measuring customer satisfaction, and identifying new service opportunities.


In this engaging presentation, we will delve into the well-established process designed to ensure active engagement from all districts, encouraging genuine feedback about the services they receive from AEA, while also addressing their unique and emerging needs. Participants will gain insights into the multifaceted data collection process and learn how it:

  1. Fosters Stronger Relationships with District Leadership Teams
  2. Supports Districts in Their Work
  3. Elevates Customer Satisfaction through Data-Driven Insights
  4. Identifies Opportunities for Innovative New Services

Register for the whole year, or just one session at at time!


Legislative Update

USED Protecting Student Privacy: Webinars

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, USED’s Student Privacy Policy Office announced a series of three webinars as part of its three-day National Student Data Security Summit. See event details and registration information 


US DOE web site for details


AESA Joins Other Organizations Asking Department of Labor for More Comment Time on Overtime Plan

AESA joined more than 100 business groups in a letter to the US Department of Labor in response to a proposed set of changes to the overtime pay regulations. Under the proposal, it is estimated that 3 million workers newly eligible for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week. The Biden administration rulemaking would ensure workers making less than about $55,000 annually are automatically owed overtime pay. It would also include automatic updates to raise the salary threshold every three years. The proposed rule was released with a 60-day comment period, so if the extension is granted, the public would have 120 days total to provide feedback on the regulation. You can read the letter here.

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